Bio-oil blend: next generation heating oil

R. Hemeyari, S. Mohapatra, A. Manesh
American Science and Technology Corporation, US

Keywords: biomass, biofuel, belnding


Pyrolysis experiments are carried out in Auger pyrolysis unit located in AST. Bio-oil produced in our pilot plant are blended with commercial heating oil and/or with biodiesel. Biodiesel are available by AST’s 1mGal/yr biodiesel pilot plant. Our mission is not using any feedstock which competes with our nation’s food chain so we will use recycled cooking oil and spent coffee grounds to produce biodiesel. Two phases and three phases blending are evaluated. For the two phase blending, biodiesel and bio-oil and for the three phase No.2 diesel, biodiesel and bio-oil are evaluated. All the mixing is done using a novel ultrasonication technology. The blended fuel is stable for months without any phase separation and having properties to be used directly as heating oil.