Effect of total pressure on the geometry of carbon coils

S. Park, S-H Kim
Silla University, KR

Keywords: carbon coil, SF6, geometry, total pressure, thermal chemical vapor deposition


Carbon coils could be synthesized on nickel catalyst layer-deposited silicon oxide substrate using C2H2 and H2 as source gases and SF6 as an additive gas under thermal chemical vapor deposition system. The geometries of as-grown carbon materials were investigated with increasing the total pressure as the increment of 20Torr from 70Torr up to 130Torr. At 70Torr, the microsized carbon coils were formed with coil and/or wave-like type nanosized carbon coils at the end points of the microsized carbon coils. With increasing the total pressure to 110Torr, the development of the coil type geometry seems to be more progressed. Further increasing the total pressure up to 130Torr, however, the formation of wave-like nanosized coils were mostly observed on the surface of the substrate. Occasionally, the appearance of the microsized carbon coils could be observed. Based on these results, the different formation mechanism of carbon coils with the total pressure was suggested and discussed