Microfluidic dual-micropillar culture device for embryonic stem cell differentiation

J.M. Lee, J. Kim, G. Muhammad, B. Ku, Y. Lee, B.G. Chung
Hanyang University, KR

Keywords: microfluidic, embryonic stem cell, neuronal differentiation


We developed the microfluidic dual-micropillar culture device to manipulate embryonic stem cell fate. The microfluidic dual-micropillar culture deice contained the air control channels and fluidic channels with 44 dual-micropillars. We observed that the dual-micropillars enabled the control the uniform cell docking and shear stress. Computational fluid dynamics showed that the shear stress was minimized by outer micropillars and single embryonic stem cells were uniformly trapped within inner micropillars. We demonstrated that the embryonic stem cells cultured in the microfluidic dual-micropillar culture device were differentiated into neurons. Therefore, this microfluidic dual-micropillar culture device could be a powerful tool for directing embryonic stem cell fate.