Ageing of elastomeric composites with natural antioxidants

A. Masek, M. Zaborski
Institute of Polymer and Dye Technology, PL

Keywords: antioxidants, elastomers, degradation, ageing, flavonoids


The natural antioxidants which were added to ethylene-octene elastomer (polyolefin elastomer-Engage). Vulcanizates were then subjected to numerous ageing: weathering (climat of Floryda), UV (0,7 W/m2), thermo-oxidation ageing (1000C/10days) and thermal-shock (-600C/+1000C) as a function of the aging time. The efficiency of used anti-ageing agents was checked on the base of the changes after the degradation in deformation energy (tensile strength and elongation at the break), cross-link density, color (parameters L,a,b) and values of carbonyl index (based on the spectrum of infra red spectroscopy), OIT (induction oxygen time as performed in using differential scanning calorimeter -DSC) of the vulcanizates. Therefore polyphenols and aminoacid are considered to be the best stabilisers for rubbers against to oxidation processes.