Cantilever-Based Microsystem for High-Throughput

J-S Park, C-S Park, W. Jang, D-W Lee
Chonnam National University, KR

Keywords: bio MEMS, drug screening, cantilever


In recent years, there is an increasing interest in the development and application of cantilever sensors because their much higher sensitivity and lower cost than other sensors. The concept of the cantilever-based sensors used for chemical detection also has the potential to serve as a low cost method for screening new drugs[1]. This paper describes the design, fabrication and primary testing of ‘a high-sensitive cantilever-based microsystem’, an approach to characterize the property of living cells in a liquid medicine using a sensor-integrated cantilever device. The microsystem consisted of a SU-8 polymer cantilever integrated with a strain sensor and a thermal actuator, and a miniaturized fluidic bath with a hydrogel sheet as a controlled drug delivery system. Our approach can provide a new method to measure the cell mass and property in a single cell level, which could lead to a further understanding of the relationship between the size and various physiological functions of cells.