Growth of Single and Bilayer Graphene Arrays on Cu by Chemical Vapor Deposition

S.S. Pei, W. Wu, Q.K. Yu, J.M. Pao
University of Houston, US

Keywords: graphene, CVD, bilayer, single crystal growth


Large area single layer and bilayer graphene (BLG) films have been successfully grown on Cu substrates with a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. The Cu can then be etched away and the polycrystalline graphene films transferred onto silicon wafers for further processing into FET devices or integrated circuits. However, the electrical characteristics of devices fabricated on these graphene films suffers the detrimental effects of the graphene grain boundary, which results in poor uniformity and reproducibility in device characteristics for electronic and sensor applications. We reported recently a seeded growth technique to fabricate single crystal graphene arrays at predetermined locations on Cu foil with CVD. The realization of the location-specific growth of single crystal graphene arrays enables us to fabricate graphene devices on single crystal grains without crossing the grain boundaries and, therefore, results in better uniformity and reproducibility. We also investigated the growth of BLG films and arrays and found that it may not be possible to grow continuous BLG films over large area with the simple ambient pressure CVD process. The growth mechanism of BLG and its implication of the feasibility of a manufacturable BLG technology for electronic applications will be discussed.