The controllable degree of preferred-orientation in anatase TiO2 nanotube arrays by controlling surface roughness of Ti

W.M. Seong, D.H. Kim, I.J. Park, S. Lee, K.S. Hong
Department of Materials Science Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea, KR

Keywords: preferred-orientation, surface roughness, TiO2, nanotube, charge-collection, dye-sensitized solar cell


In this study, we controlled the degree of preferred-orientaion of anatase TiO2 NTA through an electrochemical anodization process by controlling the surface-roughness of Ti foil in nanometer-scale by mechanical polishing. In respect of charge-collection efficiency of TiO2 NTA, we fabricated dye-sensitized solar cells(DSSCs) with these preferred-oriented NTAs to inquire the charge-collection efficiency of them.