Growth of ZnO Nanorods in Clay Matrix to Ensure Uniform Dispersion in Drilling Fluids

J. Abdo, D. Haneef
Sultan Qaboos University, OM

Keywords: ZnO nanorods, drilling fluids


The rheology of drilling fluids plays an important role in controlling drilling operations. The use of modern equipment and most updated technology is wasted if it is not complimented by a compatible drilling fluid. Severe drilling problems like lost circulation, pipe sticking, formation damage and high torque and drag are common in extended reach drilling operations that limits the performance and are mainly responsible for huge financial losses in the form of expensive drilling fluid additives and lost production time. This work presents an initiative to modify the commonly used clays by coating them with zinc oxide nanorods (sizes ranging from 6-10 nm) that are expected to maintain remarkable colloidal suspensions thus enabling homogeneous drilling fluid recipes.