Nanotech 2010
electronics & systems

Electronics & Microsystems

electronics & systems  

Symposia & Topics

Nano Electronics & Photonics: Nano Electronics, Photonics, Devices, Optoelectronics, Modeling, Memory
Photovoltaics: Novel Materials & Devices, CIGS, II-VI, Thin Film, Concentrators, Space
Micro & Nano Fluidics: Transport, Filling, Dispensing, Mixing, Micro & Bio Devices
Sensors & Systems: Sensor Networks, RF, RFID, Chem, Gas, Bio Sensors & Integration
MEMS & NEMS Devices: Actuating, Sensing, Systems, RF, Novel MEMS & NEMS Devices
Micro & Nano Reliability: MEMS, NEMS, Electronics, Sensors, Simulation, Design, Testing, Materials, Standards
Inkjet Design, Materials & Fabrication: Theoretical, Analytical, Experimental & Practical
NanoFab: Manufacture & Instrumentation: Novel Materials, Devices, Processes, Structures & Instrumentation
MEMS Fab: Manufacture & Instrumentation: MEMS Processes, CMOS Integration, Metrology, Processes, Services, Tools & Equipment
Computational Methods, Simulation, Software Tools: MEMS Modeling (MSM), Nano Device & Material Modeling (ICCN), Methods & Tools
Workshop on Compact Modeling (WCM): Intrinsic, Extrinsic, Atomic/Quantum, Statistical Models & Extraction

Organizers and Speakers Include:

Bob Doering
Bob Doering
Senior Fellow in Silicon Technology Development
Texas Instruments
Loucas Tsakalakos Loucas Tsakalakos
General Electric, US
Eric Chen Eric Chen
CEO & President
Everphoton Energy Corp.
Tom Earnest Tom Earnest
Global Market Development Manager
DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions
Hang Lu Hang Lu
Georgia Institute of Technology
Elena I. Gaura Elena I. Gaura
Cogent Computing, Coventry University, UK
Dr. Juergen Keller Jürgen Keller
AMIC GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Chris Menzel Chris Menzel
Dimatix, Inc.
Osman   Basaran Osman Basaran
Reilly Professor of Fluid Mechanics, Purdue University
Jason Haaheim Jason Haaheim
Manager, DPN Applications
NanoInk, Inc.
Guy DeRose Guy A. DeRose
Associate Director of Technical Operations
Kavli Nanoscience Institute
California Institute of Technology
Johannes G.E.M. (Hans) Fraaije
Chief Science Officer
Culgi BV, The Netherlands
Hendrik Heinz Hendrik Heinz
Professor, Department of Polymer Engineering
University of Akron
Anna C. Balazs Anna C. Balazs
Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and the Robert von der Luft Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Peter Burke
Peter Burke
Professor, University of California, Irvine
Frank Register
Frank Register
Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Texas
Tinh Nguyen Tinh Nguyen
Physical Scientist, NIST/Industry Polymer Interphases Consortium
Loucas Tsakalakos Kim R. Williams
Colorado School of Mines
Daniel Attinger Daniel Attinger
Columbia University
Steffen Hardt Steffen Hardt
Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
Cogent Computing
Prof. Bernd Michel Bernd Michel
Head of MicroMaterials Center, Berlin and Chemnitz
Fraunhofer IZM and ENAS
Jan Sumerel Jan Sumerel
Dimatix, Inc.
Aaron Stein Aaron Stein
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Deb Newberry Deb Newberry
Dakota County Technical College
Keith Glassford
Technical Advisory Board,
Nanostellar, Inc.
Michael Makowski Michael Makowski
Group Leader, Applied Scientific Computing
PPG Industries R&D
Sadasivan Shankar Sadasivan (Sadas) Shankar
Senior Principal Engineer/Program Leader, Materials Design, Design and Technology Solutions Technology and Manufacturing Group, Intel Corporation
Pankaj Dhingra Pankaj Dhingra
Xing Zhou Xing Zhou
Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Wolfgang Wondrak Reinhold Dauskardt
Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University

Track Sessions

Tuesday June 22

8:15 TechConnect World Welcome and Keynotes
9:00 Transformational Techonlogy Visions, Keynote-Forum
10:00 Networking Coffee Break
10:30 Nano Electronics I
10:30 Keynotes: Solar - Novel Materials for PV
10:30 TechConnect Corporate Partnering
12:00 Expo Hall Opens - Lunch (available for purchase in Expo Hall)
1:30 Solar: Nanostructured Materials for PV Applications
1:30 Microtech Commecialization & Applications
1:30 Micro & Nano Fluidics II
1:30 Nano Electronics II
2:15 TechConnect IP Partnering: Electronics & Semiconductors
3:00 Supercapacitors
4:00 Poster Session and TechConnect Expo (4:00 - 6:00)
 Nano & Micro: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software Tools
 Nano Electronics, Compound Semiconductors & Photonics
 MEMS & NEMS Devices

Wednesday June 23

8:30 Nano & Micro Electronics, Systems and Materials - Keynotes
8:30 Government & Alternative Commercialization Funding - DOD, NASA, DOE, SBIR & RIC
10:00 Networking Coffee Break
10:30 MEMS & NEMS Sensing Devices
10:30 Nano Electronics IV
10:30 TechConnect Corporate Partnering
12:00 Expo Hall Opens - Lunch (available for purchase in Expo Hall)
2:15 TechConnect IP Partnering: Sensors & Microsystems
1:30 MEMS & NEMS Devices
3:00 MEMS State of the Industry
3:30 Five Attributes of a Successful Nanotechnology Company
3:30 TechConnect Corporate Partnering
4:00 Poster Session and TechConnect Expo Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Expo Hall
 Inkjet Design, Materials & Fabrication
 Bio Analytical Instrumentation
5:30 Microsystem Networking Reception - Hosted by MEMS Industry Group (MIG) & Nano Science & Technology Institute (NSTI)
6:00 TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception (6:00 - 8:00) - Ballroom 3rd Floor

Thursday June 24

8:30 Keynotes: Transformational Nanotech
10:00 TechConnect Innovation Showcase Coffee Break - Ballroom 3rd Floor
10:30 Electronic Applications of Carbon Nanotubes
10:30 Bio Sensors: Assays & Applications
10:30 Inkjet Technologies I
10:30 TechConnect Corporate Partnering
12:00 Lunch (TechConnect Innovation Showcase - Ballroom BC, lunch for purchase)
1:30 Electronic & Sensor Applications of Carbon Nanotubes II
1:30 Electro/Magneto/Optical Nanocomposites
1:30 Bio Sensors: Detection Technologies
1:30 Inkjet Technologies II
3:00 Break
4:00 Panel Discussion - Integration and Disintegration from a Design for Manufacturing and Test Perspective
5:00 TechConnect Investment Networking Reception - Second Floor

Track Program

Tuesday June 22

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8:15TechConnect World Welcome and KeynotesBallrooms ABCD
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
8:15Welcome - TechConnect World
P. Glaza, Clean Technology & Sustainable Industries Organization, US
8:30Global sustainability and technology surprise
J. Kohlhaas, Lockheed Martin, US
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9:00Transformational Techonlogy Visions, Keynote-ForumBallrooms ABCD
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
9:00M. Urban, University of Southern Mississippi, US
9:15A. Stieg, University of California Los Angeles, US
9:30J. Heath, California Institute of Technology, US
9:45D. Paul, University of Southern California Energy Institute, US
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10:00Networking Coffee BreakFoyer 2nd Floor
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10:30Nano Electronics IRoom 210 A
Session chair: Bob Doering, Texas Instruments, US
10:30Nano-Electronics and Nano-Spintronics (invited presentation)
D. Wang, University of California San Diego, US
10:55Carbon Nanotube Nanoelectronics and Macroelectronics (invited presentation)
C. Zhou, University of Southern California, US
11:20Graphene for Beyond CMOS (invited presentation)
L. Colombo, Texas Instruments, US
11:45Nanoscale Amorphous Silicon Devices for a Neuro-inspired Architecture (invited presentation)
E. Vogel, University of Texas at Dallas, US
12:10Nano-Electronics and Nano-Spintronics (invited presentation)
K.L. Wang, University of California Los Angeles, US
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10:30Keynotes: Solar - Novel Materials for PVRoom 204 C
Session chair: Matt Law, UC Irvine, US
10:30Thin film photovoltaics from solution-deposited semiconductor nanocrystals (overview presentation)
M. Law, University of California, Irvine, US
10:55Next-Generation Photovoltaics Research at the Colorado School of Mines (invited presentation)
K.R. Williams, Colorado School of Mines, US
11:20Nanostructured and Nanoparticles-based Solar Cells
Q. Song, IBM Almaden Research Center, US
11:45Nanowire Network Transparent Electrodes for Photovoltaics (invited presentation)
J.D. Bergeson, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US
12:10OPV materials development and module manufacturing
Y. Wu, Solarmer, US
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10:30TechConnect Corporate PartneringRoom 207 D
Session chair: Didier Leconte, MSBiV, CA
10:30BASF TechConnect Partnering
P. Mukherjee, BASF Venture Capital, US
10:50Lockheed Martin TechConnecdt Partnering
J. Rambeau, Lockheed Martin, US
11:10BP TechConnect Partnering
I. Dairanieh, BP, US
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12:00Expo Hall Opens - Lunch (available for purchase in Expo Hall)Expo Hall
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1:30Solar: Nanostructured Materials for PV ApplicationsRoom 203 AB
Session chair: Matt Law, UC Irvine, US
1:30Hydrothermal Synthesis of Single Crystalline TiO2 Nanowire arrays on Arbitrary Substrate and its Application in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
A. Kumar, University of Southern California, US
1:50High-Performance dye-sensitized solar cells with various nanostructured materials as counter electrode
J. Ouyang, National University of Singapore, SG
2:10An Ab Initio Study of CuGaSe2 (001) Surface
S. Chew, L. Liborio, N. Harrison, Imperial College London, UK
2:30Hollow and Ordered Urchin-like ZnO structures by Novel Electrodeposition Method
J. Elias, C. Lévy-Clément, M. Bechelany, J. Michler, G. Wang, Z. Wang, L. Philippe, Empa - Materials Science & Technology, CH
2:50Non-Contact, Printable Metallic Inks for Silicon Solar Cells
J.P. Novak, Y. Li, R. Fink, Applied Nanotech, Inc., US
3:10Efficient Power Transistors in Silicon Carbide for PV applications
M. Reimark, TranSiC, US
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1:30Microtech Commecialization & ApplicationsRoom 205 AB
Session chair: Jeff Perkins, Yole Inc., US
1:30It’s not just about the MEMS
D. Buckley, Micralyne, CA
2:00MEMS-based Silicon Timing: Semiconductor Economics and Benefits Drive Rapid Growth
P. Sevalia, SiTime, US
2:30MEMS Applications - Oscillators
M. Crowley, Sand9, US
3:00MEMS Applications - MEMS ribbons for projectors
M. Bellis, Seikowave, JP
3:30MEMS Applications - RF MEMS Switches
J. Hilbert, wiSpry, Inc., US
4:00MEMS Applications - fluidic transport for consumer applications
F. Bartles, Bartels Mikrotechnik, DE
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1:30Micro & Nano Fluidics IIRoom 201 C
Session chair: Bart Romanowicz, NSTI, US
1:30Advanced Green Micro Lubrication Solutions for Various Applications (invited presentation)
P. Hendrick, ULB, BE
1:50Design of a normally closed piezoelectric micro valve
S. Zähringer, M. Menacher, P. Kirchner, N. Schwesinger, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, DE
2:10Self-assembled microscopic surface walkers
C.E. Sing, A. Alexander-Katz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
2:30Vapor-assisted bonding of poly(dimethylsiloxane) and silicon-based substrates
A.Y.N. Sofla, C. Martin, University of Toronto, CA
2:50Nanofluidic Channel Based Single Molecular Sensors in Polymer Substrate Fabricated by Novel Nanoimprinting Processes
J. Wu, R. Chantiwas, S.C. Soper, S. Park, Louisiana State University, US
3:10Toward reliable synthesis of radiotracers for positron emission tomography in PDMS microfluidic chips: Study and optimization of the [18F] fluoride drying process
W-Y Tseng, University of California, Los Angeles, US
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1:30Nano Electronics IIRoom 210 A
Session chair: Frank Register, University of Texas, US
1:30Wafer-Scale Fabrication of Separated Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors for Display Applications and Transparent Electronics
C. Wang, J. Zhang, C. Zhou, University of Southern California, US
1:50Backside Nanoscale Texturing to Improve IR Response of Silicon Photodetectors
L. Forbes, M.Y. Louie, Oregon State University, US
2:10Control of Conducting Path in Resistive Memory Utilizing Ferritin Protein with Metal Nano Dot
M. Uenuma, B. Zheng, K. Kawano, M. Horita, S. Yoshii, I. Yamashita, Y. Uraoka, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, JP
2:30Stable Light Emiting Electrochemical Cells Based in Supramolecular Interactions
R.D. Costa, M. Lenes, E. Ortí, H.J. Bolink, S. Graber, E.C. Constable, University of Valencia, ES
2:50Optical properties of silicon nanoparticles: Influence of etching, surface oxidation and surface functionalization
A. Gupta, S. Kluge, C. Schulz, H. Wiggers, Universität Duisburg-Essen, DE
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2:15TechConnect IP Partnering: Electronics & SemiconductorsRoom 207 A
Session chair: Kenichi Mori, Fuji Electric, US
2:15Cooling electronics by liquid submersion and heat exchanger
C. Hanson, Venture Isles, LLC, US
2:25A Novel MOCVD Technology in LED and Solar Cell Applications
2:35Multilayer Heterostructures for Application in OLEDs and Photovoltaic Devices
T. Chong, National Universtiy of Singapore, SG
2:45Low-voltage field emission scanning electron microscope
T. Kirk, Swiss federal institute of technology, Zurich (ETH Zurich), CH
2:55AFM Method for Fast Mapping of Materials Properties
L. Besemann, University of Minnesota, US
3:05SimpleSilence: Method and apparatus for controlling tonal noise from subsonic fans
F. DesRosiers, SOCPRA, CA
3:15Barium titanate nanopowder
A. Ragulya, Frantsevich Institute for Problems in Materials Science, UA
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3:00SupercapacitorsRoom 204 A
Session chair: Mike Masquelier, Redspan, US
3:00Tunable Nanoporous Carbon Based Supercapacitors
R. Dash, O. Kramarenko, L. Weinstein, P. Simon, Y. Gogotsi, Y-Carbon, Inc., US
3:20Printed Supercapacitors Based on Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Cloth Fabric and Flexible Substrates
P-C Chen, H. Chen, J. Xu, C. Zhou, University of Southern California, US
3:40Novel High Energy Density Supercapacitors
S. Risser, B. Tan, H. Castaneda, K. Spahr, M. Stasik, Battelle Memorial Institute, US
4:00NGP based Supercapacitor Electrode Material
J. Shi, Angstrom Supercapcitors, US
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4:00Poster Session and TechConnect Expo (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall
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Nano & Micro: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software ToolsExpo Hall
-Self-assembly of Disk-Coil Molecules
Y. Kim, A. Alexander-katz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
-Computer Simulations of CrO2 as a Spin Polarized Material for Spintronics
R. Kaur, G. Mallia, K.A. Yates, N.M. Harrison, Imperial College London, UK
-Comparing the Effect of 2nd Row Dopants on the Carbon Support to improve Pt Catalytic Activity and Durability
M.N. Groves, A.S.W. Chan, C. Malardier-Jugroot, M. Jugroot, Royal Military College of Canada, CA
-A Molecular Dynamics Modeling on Cantilevered Triple-Walled Carbon Nanotube Resonators
J.H. Lee, O.K. Kwon, J.W. Kang, H.J. Hwang, Sangmyung University, KR
-Computed Metallofullerene Yields in the X@C74 and Z@C82 Series
Z. Slanina, F. Uhlik, T. Akasaka, S. Nagase, Institute for Molecular Science, JP
-Monte Carlo Studies of the Effect of Temperature, Si/Al, and Metal Loading on the Templated Synthesis of Pt Nanowires in MOR-type Zeolites
J.A. Huertas-Miranda, M.M. Martínez-Iñesta, University of Puerto Rico, US
-Molecular Dynamics Investigation on Tin
M. Masnavi, H. Parchamy Araghy, M. Nakajima, K. Horioka, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP
-Hybrid molecular dynamics and Navier-Stokes method in complex nanoflow geometries
M.K. Borg, W. Nicholls, J.M. Reese, University of Strathclyde, UK
-Ozonolysis of Indigo: A ab initio study
E. Ortiz, H.E. Solís Correa, V. Uc, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Azcapotzalco, MX
-Simulation of Self-Assemblig Monolayers of Complicated Organic Molecules at the Interface
V.F. Fefelov, V.A. Gorbunov, A.V. Myshlyavtsev, M.D. Myshlyavtseva, Omsk State Technical University, RU
-Application of Computational Chemistry to Nanotechnological Problems
S. Gusarov, A. Kovalenko, National Institute for Nanotechnology, CA
-The concept of a representative atomic volume for a grain
A. Gubanov, O. Vinogradov, University of Calgary, CA
-Designing nanomaterials mechanical properties from the observable nanostructure features
T.B. Tengen, Vaal University of Technology, ZA
-A density matrix based electronic structure method applied to nanoparticles: treatment of the idempotency problem
M.J.H. Hoffman, University of the Free State, ZA
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Nano Electronics, Compound Semiconductors & PhotonicsExpo Hall
-Characteristic Optimization of Single- and Double-Gate Tunneling Field Effect Transistors
K-F Lee, M-H Han, I-S Lo, C-Y Yiu, Y. Li, National Chiao Tung University, TW
-The Effects of Gamma rays on p-channel MOSFET
-Effect of temperature and γ rays radiation on the electrical and optical characteristics of Quantum well structure based laser diode
-Semiconductor nanoparticles in Photocatalysis: The Emerging Art and Perspectives
A. Sharma, A. Sharma, R. Sharma, AKG College of Engineering, UPTU, IN
-An Architecture for Designing Noise-Tolerant QCA Nanocircuits
S.C. Lee, L.R. Hook IV, University of Oklahoma, US
-A New QCA Architecture for the Future of Nano-Scale Computing
L.R. Hook IV, S.C. Lee, University of Oklahoma, US
-A Fan-in Bounded Low Delay Adder for Nanotechnology
Y. Sun, M.D. Wagh, Lehigh University, US
-Electrical characteristics of self-assembled Ge nanocrystals embedded in SiO2
E.S.M. Goh, T.P. Chen, C.Q. Sun, M. Yang, Y.C. Liu, Nanyang Technological University, SG
-The Effects of Gamma rays on P-channel MOSFET
M.A. Iqbal, U. Firdous, Punjab University, PK
-Advanced Nanocomposite Materials Tailored to Solid-State Lighting Applications
J.L. Davis, K. Guzan, K. Mills, L. Han, RTI International, US
-Luminescence Properties of Tm3+-Doped YVO4 Phosphors
S.S. Yi, Silla University, KR
-Luminescence Properties of Tm3+-Doped YVO4 Phosphors
R. Balakrishnaiah, D.W. Kim, S.S. Yi, S.H. Kim, K. Jang, H.S. Lee, B.K. Moon, J.H. Jeong, Silla University, KR
-Enhanced Photoluminescence Properties of Li/Al-doped YPO4:Eu phosphors
R. Balakrishnaiah, D.W. Kim, S.S. Yi, S.H. Kim, K. Jang, H.S. Lee, B.K. Moon, J.H. Jeong, Silla University, KR
-Enhanced Photoluminescence Properties of Li/Al-doped YPO4:Eu phosphors
S.S. Yi, Silla University, KR
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MEMS & NEMS DevicesExpo Hall
-Frequency-Interleaved MEMS Ultrasound Transducer
S-J Chen, Y. Choe, E.S. Kim, University of Southern California, US
-High Fidelit Loud Microspeaker Based on PZT Bimorph Diaphragm
Y. Choe, S.J. Chen, E.S. Kim, University of Southern California, US
-Mechanical Robustness of FPA in a-Si Microbolometer with Fine Pitch
H.Y. Kim, K.M. Kim, B.I. Kim, W.S. Jang, T.H. Kim, T.Y. Kang, National Nanofab Center, KR
-Real-time structured light measurements with ambient light rejection
M. Bellis, Seikowave, JP
-Arrayed, Piezoelectrically-Actuated Mirrors and Gratings for Spectrometer
S-J Chen, D. Chi, J. Lo, E.S. Kim, University of Southern California, US
-A MEMS-Based Wide-Band Multi-State Power Attenuator for Radio Frequency and Microwave Applications
J. Iannacci, A. Faes, F. Mastri, D. Masotti, V. Rizzoli, Fondazione Bruno Kessler - FBK, IT
-Design of compact, high capacitance ratio MEMS switch for X - Band applications using high-k dielectric materials
K. Maninder, CEERI, IN
-One-chip MOS Structure for Temperature Flow Sensor
M. Husak, A. Boura, J. Jakovenko, Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ
-Gentle Micropump based on Microelectromagnetic Actuator
A.T. Al-Halhouli, A. Waldschik, M.I. Kilani, S. Büttgenbach, Technische Universität Braunschweig, DE
-Investigation of Stress in AlN Thin Films for Piezoelectric MEMS
R.E. Sah, L. Kirste, M. Baeumler, P. Hiesinger, V. Cimalla, V. Lebedev, H. Baumann, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics, DE
-Preparation of functional PZT films on 6” and 8” silicon wafers by high rate sputtering
R. Dudde, D. Kaden, H.-J. Quenzer, B. Wagner, Fraunhofer ISIT, DE
-Design and Control of a Zero Voltage Switching MEMS DC-DC Power Converter
S. Ghandour, G. Despesse, S. Basrour, CEA/LETI, FR
-A current controlled plasma-on-a-chip for atmospheric plasma generation
H. Park, J. Jeong, Y. Kim, Hongik University, KR
-Development of Surface-micromachined Binary Logic Gate for Low Frequncy Signal Processing in MEMS based Sensor Applications
S. Chakraborty, T.K. Bhattacharyya, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, IN
-Magnetoelectric properties of piezeoelectric/magnetostrictive thin film devices
J.Y. Zhai, J. Xiong, Y.Y. Zhang, G.F. Zou, Q.X. Jia, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
-Using MEMS as Self-Calibrating Force-Displacement Transducers: A Computational Study
J.V. Clark, F. Li, H. Lee, K. Kadasia, Purdue University, US
-Current controlled Plasma-on-a-chip for atmospheric plasma generation
H. Park, J. Jeong, Y. Kim, Hong-ik Univ., KR
-Towards Microrobots with Insect-Like Dexterity
J.V. Clark, F. Li, J.V. Clark, Purdue University, US
-Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 (PZT) Thin Films Sensors for Fully-Intergrated, Passive Telemetric Transponders
R.X. Fu, R.C. Toonen, E.H. Ngo, M.W. Cole, S.G. Hirsch, M.P. Ivill, C.W. Hubbard, Army Research Laboratory, US
-Nanolab System for Nanoelectronics and Sensors
A. Dimonte, D. Demarchi, P. Civera, G. Piccinini, Politecnico di Torino, IT
-Triaxial Accelerometer for Placement Inside the Ear Canal
T. Kwa, G. Pender, J. Letterneau, Endevco Corporation, Meggitt Sensing Systems, US
-Individually addressable Cantilever Arrays for Parallel Atomic Force Microscopy
T. Sulzbach, W. Engl, R. Maier, Nanoworld Services GmbH, DE
-Flexible Micropost Arrays For Studying Traction Forces Of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
Q. Cheng, Z. Sun, G.A. Meininger, M. Almasri, University of Missouri, US
-A Fully Symmetric and Completly Decoupled MEMS-SOI Gyroscope
A. Sharaf, S. Sedky, M. Serry, A. Elshurafa, M. Ashour, S.E.-D. Habib, American University in Cairo, EG
-Nano-porous poly-silicon gated ion selective field effect transistors
N. Zehfroosh, M. Shahmohammdi, S. Mohajerzadeh, M. Araghchini, University of Tehran, IR
-Design and Fabrication of the Sensor for Measuring the Human Bladder Volume
S. Lee, S. Jun, S. Kim, S. Kim, B. Choi, Sogang University, KR

Wednesday June 23

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8:30Nano & Micro Electronics, Systems and Materials - KeynotesRoom 210 A
Session chair: Bob Doering, Texas Instruments, US
8:30The Post-CMOS Switch: Surveying Our Options as Scaling Fades Away (keynote)
N. Lu, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, US
9:00Innovative Processing Solutions for 3-D Device Fabrication
T. Flaim, Brewer Science, CTO, US
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8:30Government & Alternative Commercialization Funding - DOD, NASA, DOE, SBIR & RICRoom 207 D
Session chair: Kelly Carnes, TechVision21, US
8:30DOE SBIR Funding Opportunities
D. Goodwin, US Department of Energy, US
8:50DOD Commercialization Funding Opportunities
F. Barros, US Department of Homeland Security, US
9:10NASA Commercialization Funding Opportunities
R. Pisarski, NASA/Ames, US
9:30Renewable Energy Commercialization
J. Croce, Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization, US
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10:00Networking Coffee BreakFoyer 2nd Floor
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10:30MEMS & NEMS Sensing DevicesRoom 303 B
Session chair: Bart Romanowicz, NSTI, US
10:30Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Gas Sensors Integrated on Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor circuitry
C.-L. Chen, Y. Liu, V. Agarwal, S. Sonkusale, A. Busnaina, M. Chen, M.R. Dokmeci, Northeastern University, US
10:50Innovative Gas Sensors for Sub-ppm Detection of Organophosphorus Nerve Agents by Chemically Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors
A. Carella, L. Caillier, S. Clavaguera, C. Celle, J-P Simonato, CEA, FR
11:10Chemo-resistive Si:WO3 sensors for selective detection of acetone
M. Righettoni, A. Tricoli, S.E. Pratsinis, Particle Technology Laboratory, Institute of Process Engineering, CH
11:30Low-power / High-temperature sensors and MEMS in SOI technology
L. Moreno-Hagelsieb, O. Bulteel, N. André, P. Gerard, J.-P. Raskin, D. Flandre, Université catholique de Louvain / SENSOI, BE
11:50Carbon-based Nanoelectronic Devices for Space Applications
A.B. Kaul, A.R. Khan, K.G. Megerian, P. von Allmen, L. Bagge, L. Epp, R.L. Baron, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US
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10:30Nano Electronics IVRoom 210 A
Session chair: Bob Doering, Texas Instruments, US
10:30Jet-printed Si nanowires for flexible backplane applications
W.S. Wong, S. Raychaudhuri, S. Sambandan, R. Lujan, R.A. Street, Palo Alto Research Center, US
10:50Self – Heating Effects in Nanowire Transistors
A. Hossain, K. Raleva, D. Vasileska, S.M. Goodnick, Arizona State University, US
11:10Neighbouring Levels Statistic and Shape of Quantum Dots: Si/Sio2
I. Filikhin, S.G. Matinyan, B. Vlahovic, North Carolina Central University, US
11:30Enhancement of Defect Tolerance in the QCA-based Programmable Logic Array (PLA)
T. Notsu, K. Miura, K. Nakamae, Osaka University, JP
11:50Critical currents in graphene ribbon Josephson junctions
P.G. Gabrielli, ENEA, IT
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10:30TechConnect Corporate PartneringRoom 207 D
Session chair: Saeed Bagheri, University of Waterloo, CA
10:30Kodak TechConnect Partnering
B. Johnston, Eastman Kodak, US
10:50Toray Industries TechConnect Partnering
T. Yamashiki, Toray Industries America, US
11:10Fuji Electric TechConnect Partnering
K. Mori, Fuji Electric, US
11:30Sanyo TechConnect Partnering
S. Tanimoto, Sanyo, US
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12:00Expo Hall Opens - Lunch (available for purchase in Expo Hall)Expo Hall
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2:15TechConnect IP Partnering: Sensors & MicrosystemsRoom 207 B
Session chair: Brent Segal, Lockheed Martin, US
2:153D MEMS Antenna
E. Sum, Simon Fraser University, CA
2:25Real-time detection of known files over a network
T. Martinuzzo, Univalor, CA
2:35Waveguide Based Biosensors
N. Gadoury, Univalor, CA
2:45Method for simultaneous measurement of gaseous or liquid species concentration and solids fraction
N. Gadoury, Univalor, CA
2:55Miniature Transforming Robot with Ground and Air Locomotion
D. Nugent, University of Minnesota, US
3:05Novel Bioelectronic Photodetector
J. Bindra, WORLDiscoveries, CA
3:15Novel Light-based Micro-Pressure Sensor
J. Bindra, WORLDiscoveries, CA
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1:30MEMS & NEMS DevicesRoom 303 C
Session chair: Roger Grace, Roger Grace Associates, US
1:30Micro Crumples for Self-Assembly of Field Emission Devices
S. Sambandan, Palo Alto Research Center, US
1:50Modeling of a Surface Acoustic Wave Strain Sensor
W.C. Wilson, G.M. Atkinson, NASA Langley Research Center, US
2:10Micromachined Glass-Blown 3-D Spherical Shells as Mechanical Vibratory Elements
I.P. Prikhodko, A.A. Trusov, S.A. Zotov, A.M. Shkel, University of California, Irvine, US
2:30Monolithic CMOS MEMS technology development: A piezoresistive-sensors case study
A. Chaehoi, D. Weiland, D. O’Connell, S. Bruckshaw, S. Ray, M. Begbie, Institute for System Level Integration, UK
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3:00MEMS State of the IndustryRoom 303 C
Session chair: Karen Lightman, MEMS Industry Group, US
-State of the IndustryK. Lightman, MEMS Industry Group, US
-C. White, A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates, US
-M. Tschirky, Acutronic, CH
-M.A. Maher, SoftMEMS, US
-P. Krishnan, SVTC, US
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3:30Five Attributes of a Successful Nanotechnology CompanyRoom 206 A
Session chair: John R. Bashaw, Day Pitney LLP
-T.C. Chase, Day Pitney LLP, US
-R.C. Pleus, Intertox, US
-C.H. Pham, Greenberg Traurig, US
-M.P. Johns, Blue Water Consulting, US
-Z. Kosim, Enviromental Protection Agency, US
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3:30TechConnect Corporate PartneringRoom 207 D
Session chair: Michael Pottenger, University of California Los Angeles, US
3:30Dow TechConnect Partnering
P. Ansems, Dow, US
3:50Omron TechConnect Partnering
D. Uchida, Omron, US
4:10Chevron TechConnect Partnering
T. Unneland, Chevron, US
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4:00Poster Session and TechConnect Expo Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Expo HallExpo Hall
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Inkjet Design, Materials & FabricationExpo Hall
-Machine Vision System for Analysis of Drops-in-flight and Wetting Visualization
Y. Kipman, ImageXpert Inc., US
-Nano-Patterning of NaCl Using Nanopipette based on the QTF-AFM System
S.M. An, M. Geol W.H. Jhe, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University, KR
-Customer-focused batch production via printing technology
A. Kain, C. Mueller, H. Reinecke, University of Freiburg, DE
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Bio Analytical InstrumentationExpo Hall
-Hollow-fiber flow field-flow fractionation: a novel pre-MS method for proteomics
D. Rambaldi, A. Zattoni, P. Reschiglian, C. Johann, University of Bologna, IT
-Analysis and characterization of multifunctional oligothiophene-silica hybrid nanomaterials by AF4-MALS-Fl
D.C. Rambaldi, A. Zattoni, P. Reschiglian, M. Melucci, M. Zambianchi, G. Barbarella, S. Bonacchi, M. Montalti, E. Rampazzo, University of Bologna, IT
-A Novel Microscale Coulter Counter for Cell Monitoring and Detection
Y. Wu, J. Critser, M. Almasri, University of Missouri, US
-A tag-less method for the direct isolation of HUVEC (human umbilical vein endothelial cells) by gravitational field-flow fractionation as a starting point for gene expression analysis
D. Lattuada, B. Roda, C. Pignatari, R. Magni, A. Cattaneo, G. Bolis, P. Reschiglian, University of Bologna, IT
-A novel stem cell tag-less sorting method
B. Roda, G. Lanzoni, F. Alviano, A. Zattoni, R. Costa, A. Di Carlo, C. Marchionni, M. Franchina, F. Ricci, P. Tazzari, P. Pagliaro, S.Z. Scalinci, L. Bonsi, P. Reschiglian, G.P. Bagnara, University of Bologna, IT
-Simplified Quantitation of Proteins at A280 using a Low Cost, One Millimeter Matched Pathlength Plastic Cuvette
L.M. Levine, J. McDowell, N.T. Wong, J. Beebe, J. Horne, P. Schultz, ALine, Inc., US
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5:30Microsystem Networking Reception - Hosted by MEMS Industry Group (MIG) & Nano Science & Technology Institute (NSTI)Room 303 C
Session chair: Karen Lightman, MEMS Industry Group, US
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6:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception (6:00 - 8:00) - Ballroom 3rd FloorBallroom BC

Thursday June 24

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8:30Keynotes: Transformational NanotechRoom 303 CD
Session chair: Clayton Teague, NNCO, US
8:30Nanotechnology: Path Toward Commercialization at GE
M. Butts, General Electric, US
9:00Getting the Memristor to Market
S. Williams, Hewlett Packard, US
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10:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Coffee Break - Ballroom 3rd FloorBallroom BC
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10:30Electronic Applications of Carbon NanotubesRoom 303 C
Session chair: Philip G. Collins, University of California, Irvine, Us
10:30Review of Carbon Nanostructure Applications for Supercapacitors (invited presentation)
S. Arepalli, Sungkyunkwan University, KR
11:00Carbon Nanotube Light Weight Electrical Conductors (invited presentation)
D.S. Lashmore, B. White, C. Lombard, Nanocomp, US
11:30Carbon-based nanocomposite EDLC supercapacitors
C. Lei, C. Lekakou, University of Surrey, UK
11:50Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors using Printed Semiconducting Tubes
N. Rouhi, D. Jain, K. Zand, P.J. Burke, University of California, Irvine, US
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10:30Bio Sensors: Assays & ApplicationsRoom 201 B
Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Labs, US
10:30Rapid Detection of Oral Cancer: Electrophysiological Characterization by Dielectrophoresis technology
H.J. Mulhall, R. Abdallat, X. Liang, S. Fedele, M.P. Lewis, S. Porter, D.E. Costea, A.C. Johannessen, M.P. Hughes, O. Tsinkalovsky, F.H. Labeed, University of Surrey, UK
10:50Microfluidic Devices for Rapid Separation and Sensing of Cells
S. Bose, C-H. Lee, J.M. Karp, R. Karnik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
11:10DNA Extraction, Purification and Quantification Using Micromachined Microfluidic Chip
S.M. Azimi, G. Nixon, J. Ahern, W. Balachandran, BRUNEL UNIVERSITY, UK
11:30Multiplexed protein detection using antibody-conjugated microbead arrays assembled on a microfabricated electrophoretic device
K.D. Barbee, A.P. Hsiao, E.E. Roller, X. Huang, University of California San Diego, US
11:50A flow-assisted point-of-care testing device based on gravitational field-flow fractionation for analysis on biological fluids
M. Mirasoli, L. Cevenini, S. Casolari, B. Roda, A. Di Carlo, P. Reschiglian, A. Roda, University of Bologna, IT
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10:30Inkjet Technologies IRoom 210 D
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Dimatix, US
10:30Modeling Drop Generation at the Microscale
M.S. Hanchak, E.P. Furlani, Eastman Kodak Company, US
11:00Using simulation and experiment to uncover the influence of material properties
O.A. Basaran, P.P. Bhat, S. Appathurai, Purdue University, US
11:30Drop Formation and Control of Non-Newtonian Fluid
J. Gao, K. Ng, Eastman Kodak Company, US
12:00The Investigation of Electrostatic Induced Inkjet Printing System for the Ejection of a Stable Micro/Nano Droplet
J. Choi, Y-J Kim, S.U. Son, K. Chul An, S. Lee, Sungkyunkwan University, KR
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10:30TechConnect Corporate PartneringRoom 207 D
Session chair: Dave Gibbons, University of California, San Diego, US
10:30Honda TechConnect Partnering
N. Sugimoto, Honda Strategic Venturing, US
10:50Applied Materials TechConnect Partnering
C. Moran, Applied Materials Ventures, US
11:10Samsung TechConnect Partnering
B. Byun, Samsung Ventures, US
11:30Panasonic TechConnect Partnering
I. Nydick, Panasonic Ventures Group, US
11:50Siemens TechConnect Partnering
S. Heuser, Siemens, US
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12:00Lunch (TechConnect Innovation Showcase - Ballroom BC, lunch for purchase)Ballroom BC
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1:30Electronic & Sensor Applications of Carbon Nanotubes IIRoom 303 C
Session chair: Wolfgang Bacsa, CEMES, Univ. of Toulouse, FR
1:30Biosensor circuits from single molecule electronics (invited presentation)
P.G. Collins, University of California, Irvine, US
1:50An Amplification Strategy to Label Free Opiate Drug Detection using Liquid-Gated Carbon Nanotubes Transistor
J.N. Tey, I.P.M. Wijaya, J. Wei, I. Rodriguez, S.G. Maisalkar, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, SG
2:10RNA Functionalized Carbon Nanotube for Chemical Sensing
M. Chen, S.A. Datta, S.M. Khamis, J.E. Fischer, A.T. Johnson Jr., Simmons College, US
2:30Incorporation of plasma modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes into TiO2 photoanode for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC)
Y.F. Chan, National Cheng Kung University, TW
2:50Aligned Carbon Nanotubes for Beyond-CMOS Electronics
C. Wang, K. Ryu, A. Badmaev, C. Zhou, University of Southern California, US
3:10Parylene-C Packaged Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Thin film Transistors
S. Selvarasah, X. Li, A. Busnaina, M.R. Dokmeci, Northeastern University, US
3:30Selective gas sensors based on carbon nanotube mats transistor obtained using automatic air-brush machine
P. Bondavalli, L. Gorintin, P. Legagneux, Thales Research and Technology, FR
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1:30Electro/Magneto/Optical NanocompositesRoom 303 D
Session chair: Tom Twardowski, Twardowski Scientific, US
1:30Wide Area Deposition of Transparent Flexible Nanocomposites
T. Druffel, Optical Dynamics, US
1:50Fabrication and Characterization of the GaP/PGMA Polymer Nanocomposite for Advanced Light Emissive Device Structures
S.L. Pyshkin, J. Ballato, I. Luzinov, B. Zdyrko, Academy of Sciences, MD
2:10Preparation of nickel doped multi-functional micro-patternable polydimethylsiloxane nanocomposite polymer with characterization of its magnetic, electrical and mechanical properties for soft MEMS/Lab on a chip applications
A. Khosla, J.L. Korand, M. Haiducu, B.L. Gray, D.B. Leznoff, M. Parameswaran, Simon Fraser University, CA
2:30Carbon Nanocomposite Electrode for Electrostatic Precipitators
K. Alam, J. Morosko, D. Burton, Ohio University, US
2:50‘In situ polymerization and composite formation’ (IPCF): An important synthesis route in advanced materials science
K. Mallick, M.J. Witcomb, A.M. Strydom, Mintek, ZA
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1:30Bio Sensors: Detection TechnologiesRoom 201 B
Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Labs, US
1:30Magnetic Nanotag-based Immunoassay for Multiplex Mycotoxin Detection
A.C. Mak, S. Osterfeld, H. Yu, S. Wang, R.W. Davis, O.A. Jejelowo, N. Pourmand, Stanford University, US
1:50Magnetic lab-on-a-chip devices for multiplexed diagnostics
T. Mitrelias, K. Vyas, B. Hong, J.R. Jeong, J.J. Palfreyman, T. Trypiniotis, T.J. Hayward, P.A. Robertson, J. Cooper, C.H.W. Barnes, University of Cambridge, UK
2:10Integrated lab-on-a-chip Influenza diagnostic designed for low cost manufacturing
A.F. Sauer-Budge, P.L. Mirer, A. Chatterjee, C.M. Klapperich, A. Sharon, Fraunhofer USA, US
2:30A comparative study on sensitivity for biomolecular detection between gold nanoparticles coated and uncoated gold thin film using spectroscopic ellipsometry
R.S. Moirangthem, Y.-C. Chang, S.-H. Hsu, P.-K. Wei, Research Center for Applied Sciences, TW
2:50Gene Expression Profiling Using Atomic Force Microscopy
C. Hsueh, J. Reed, J.K. Gimzewski, Univeristy of California, Los Angeles, US
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1:30Inkjet Technologies IIRoom 210 D
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Dimatix, US
1:30Novel Dynamic Volume Control in Jetting of Complex Fluids
G.E. Mårtensson, Mydata Automation AB, SE
2:00Ink Jet Printing Electronics and Optical Devices
S. Ready, Palo Alto Research Center, Inc, US
2:20Inkjet Printed Devices for Armament Applications
J.L. Zunino III, D.P. Schmidt, A.M. Petrock, B.E. Fuchs, U.S. Army, US
2:40Printed sensor and liquid actuation on natural fiber based substrate
J.J. Saarinen, P. Ihalainen, A. Määttänen, R. Bollström, J. Peltonen, Abo Akademi University, FI
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3:00BreakFoyer 2nd Floor
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4:00Panel Discussion - Integration and Disintegration from a Design for Manufacturing and Test PerspectiveRoom 205 AB
Session chair: Roger Grace, Roger Grace Associates, US
-J. Brown, MEMS and Nano Exchange, US
-K. Lightman, MEMS Industry Group, US
-W. McCulley, InterMEMS, US
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5:00TechConnect Investment Networking Reception - Second FloorFoyer 2nd Floor
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