Nanotech 2010

The ON/OFF switching behavior in single nickel-silver selenide-nickel nanowires

N.J. Lee, E.J. Yoo, B.H. An, H.M. Ji, J.W. Cho, Y.K. Kim, Y.J. Choi, C.J. Kang
Myongji University, KR

Keywords: Ag2Se, scanning probe microscopy, on/off-switching


The electrical properties of silver selenide (Ag2Se) nanowires between nickel (Ni) metals are studied by using scanning probe microscopy. Ni- Ag2Se -Ni nanowires, which have diameter of about 200 nm and length of about 10 μm, are synthesized in anodized aluminum oxide (AAO) nanotemplates by electrodeposition from a single aqueous solution of Ag and Se ion at room temperature. Electrical current measurements have been carried out in the voltage range from 0 to -10 V and in the temperature range from 24 ℃ to 180 ℃. Both types of structure, the low temperature α-Ag2Se crystal (orthorhombic structure) and the high temperature β-Ag2Se crystal (cubic structure), have the characteristics of an ON/OFFswitching loop (Fig. 1). The results support that both α, β-Ag2Se crystal show a superionic conductor behavior in the solid state. Also, the temperature dependence of the resistivity (Fig. 2) is shown that the resistivity of β-Ag2Se crystal is slightly higher than that of α-Ag2Se crystal due to the higher density and lower Ag-Ag distance in α-Ag2Se.
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