Nanotech 2010

Solution-Phase Approach for Controlled Growth of Semiconductor Nanowires

R. Laocharoensuk, N.A. Smith, K. Palaniappan, J.K. Baldwin, J.A. Hollingsworth
Los Alamos National Laboratory, US

Keywords: solution-liquid-solid (SLS) growth, semiconductor nanowires, controlled growth


To advance development of the “next generation” nanoscale electronic and photovoltaic, new synthetic approaches, which provide high quality materials and precise control over chemical compositions and physical dimensions, are required. In general, semiconductor nanowires (SC-NW) are considered key candidates as “building blocks” for electronic and light-harvesting devices. Here, we report our efforts to advance the state-of-the-art in the Solution-Liquid-Solid (SLS) method for SC-NW growth by establishing a novel approach named “Flow-SLS”. Specifically, we transform “conventional-SLS” which is a one-pot synthetic method to a flow-based system. In conventional SLS method, NW growth rate is typically fast resulting in a lack of controlled growth. In addition, as-grown SC-NW are free-standing hence additional steps are required for assembly of NW into device structure. To fabricate device ready-configuration, one would prefer vertically-grown NW on substrate. Our new approach allows for continuous and sequential feeding of precursors to arrays of catalyst particles for controlled single- and multi-segmented SLS SC growth. In contrast to prior studies, CdSe and CdSe/CdTe NW grown via flow-SLS approach demonstrate significant improvement of controlled growth and vertical NW organization.
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