Nanotech 2010

Efficient Power Transistors in Silicon Carbide for PV applications

M. Reimark
TranSiC, US

Keywords: Silicon Carbide


Silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor devices for high power are becoming more mature and are now commercially available. Schottky diodes have been on the market since a few years. SiC power transistors in the form of bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), JFETs and MOSFETs are this year reaching the commercial market. The interest is rapidly growing for SiC power devices in demanding power and high temperature applications. The BJT has market leading low conduction losses, fast switching capability and very predictably operate, in normally-off mode, in a very wide load/temperature range. They are the natural choice as a successor for the commonly used silicon IGBT of today. This presentation will show how losses can be greatly reduced and temperature range increased while system mass and volume are significantly reduced by the use of SiC BJT devices. Current state of the art in active switching device performance with special emphasis on BJTs will be reviewed in perspective of demanding applications. The performance of the SiC BJT will be compares to Silicon bipolar and unipolar devices over a wide temperature interval. The market benefit and product readiness in moving to the next generation of highly efficient power devices is here and now.
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