Nanotech 2010

Laterally grown ZnO nanowires patterned on texture-controlled ZnO buffer layers

E.L. Shim, M.B. Lee, J. Bae, J. Hong, Y.J. Choi
Myongji University, KR

Keywords: ZnO, nanowire, PLD, lateral


In recent years, ZnO has been attracted attention due to its interesting properties such as a direct wide band-gap (3.37 eV) and a large exciton binding energy (60 meV) [1]. In particular, one-dimensional ZnO nanostructures could find promising application in nanodevices [2] including solar cells, chemical sensors, field emitters, and nanogenerators. Synthesis of aligned ZnO nanowires by hydrothermal method makes use of buffer layer of ZnO on substrates. Typically, ZnO buffer layers were deposited on the substrates by various techniques such as sputtering, sol-gel method and evaporations. The orientation of deposited ZnO buffer layers using typical method was measured to be along c-axis (0002)[3]. ZnO nanowires were grown on substrate deposited with ZnO buffer layer along c-axis direction by using hydrothermal method. The use of c-axis oriented ZnO buffer layer results in ZnO nanowires grown vertically on the substrates. In this work, we demonstrate control of the texture of ZnO thin film on a substrate using pulsed laser deposition (PLD) to form patterned ZnO nanowire arrays using typical photolithography process and chemical etching techniques. This process enabled us to fabricate ZnO nanowire arrays laterally grown in all directions by hydrothermal method. This lateral ZnO nanowire can be useful for various applications, such as field effect transistors and lateral nanogenerators.
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