Nanotech 2010

A new technology for making advanced materials

V. Varyukhin, V. Spuskanyuk, O. Davydenko
Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, UA

Keywords: nanocrystalline structure, copper, equal channel angular hydroextrusion, direct hydroextrusion


A new combined technology including the equal channel angular hydroextrusion (ECAH), direct hydroextrusion (HE) and drawing (D) techniques for making nanostructure wire is for the first time proposed. The main purpose of our study is to show that our new combined technology that includes ECAH, HE and D techniques significantly improves properties of the wire. For the first time, it has been demonstrated by the example of copper that combining the ECAH, HE and D techniques provides higher properties of wire as compared to properties obtained without ECAH. It has been also demonstrated that the repetitive HE and ECAH (HE+ECAH+HE+ECAH+HE) results in a higher level of copper wire strength as compared to the result obtained with the single ECAH technique. In the case of 0.5 mm-diameter wire the high ultimate tensile strength 686 MPa and elongation to failure 2% have been reached for Cu-FRTP copper and 526 MPa, 1.5% for Cu-OF copper. The electrical conductivity of the strengthened copper wire produced with and without ECAH differs negligibly making 86.4% IACS for Cu-FRTP copper and 96.7% IACS for Cu-OF copper.
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