Modified Nanoclays: An Approach to Stabilizing Drilling Fluids Rheology at High Temperature

J. Abdo, M.D. Haneef
Sultan Qaboos University, OM

Keywords: nanoclays, drilling fluid


There is a lot heard about growing dearth of conventional oil reservoirs in recent times. The depletion of ‘easy oil’ is a major concern for the drilling industry that is urging the technologists to push the limits of drilling technology to drill deeper for maximum oil extraction. The improvement of drilling technology, equipment and tools has to be complemented by a compatible drilling fluid without which the use of even most updated tools is wasted. Keeping in view the decisiveness of drilling fluids impact on drilling efficiency, this work presents an approach to stabilize the drilling fluid rheology in high temperature and pressure conditions by making use of modified nano-clays. An abundantly available clay in Oman, ATR was synthesized, characterized and tested in purified nano-form (3-5 nm diameter) for its effectiveness to tailor the rheology of drilling fluids swiftly, that are able to retain their properties over a wide range of operating parameters, thus ensuring efficient operation in versatile formations.