Research on Non-linear Vibration in Micro-machined Resonant Accelerometer

Z. Shuming, L. Yunfeng, W. Fan, D. Jingxin
Tsinghua University, CN

Keywords: SOA, nonlinear vibration, simulation, system optimization


This paper analyses the non-linear vibration of the Silicon Oscillating Accelerometer (SOA) by system modeling and simulation, and the optimization designation to weaken the influence of the nonlinear vibration are proposed. With the decreasing of the mechanism dimensions of the Silicon Oscillating Accelerometer, the effect of the non-linear vibration become more obviously, affecting the precision and system stability of SOA. This paper analyses the influence of nonlinear vibration to SOA and presents the nonlinear system simulation. The simulation results of the system characteristics are well consistent with the experiments, and the simulation results also predict that the optimizing structural will effectively weaken the nonlinear effect.