Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Quantum Dot Nano-Inks

O.S. Ivanova, A. Elliott, T.A. Campbell, C.B. Williams
Virginia Tech, US

Keywords: nanosuspension, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, nanoparticles


Additive Manufacturing (AM) pertains to technologies that fabricate 3D artifacts through the successive addition of 2D cross-sectional layers. Due to this layer-by-layer fabrication process, AM allows a designer to create geometrically complex artifacts with designed topologies and meso-structures that cannot be fabricated by any other means. As a process that only uses the material needed, AM is an inherently low-waste, environmentally friendly manufacturing approach. However, the narrow choice of materials used in AM remains a key limitation of this technology. In order to advance AM material selection, we look to introduce nanomaterials into AM materials as a means of modifying their fundamental material properties. The goal of our research is to introduce a nanosuspension into an AM system, thereby creating an inkjettable liquid for 3D printing of parts. As a variety of nano-inks can be deposited simultaneously to create graded materials, the presence of nanoparticles will offer the AM designer greater flexibility in the final design of material properties.