ProHydro, Inc.


New York, US


Sanford Britt



Primary Industry: 

Environmental, Water & Waste

Executive Summary: 

ProHydro, Inc. manufactures the Snap Sampler, a device/method for collecting groundwater samples from environmental monitoring wells. The Snap Sampler avoids many of the cost-drivers associated with collecting contaminated samples at environmental remediation sites. First, the Snap Sampler avoids removal and disposal of waste water associated with traditional "purging" of the well prior to sampling. The Snap Sampler collects a sample directly from the well in the container that is submited to the analytical laboratory for chemical testing. Avoidance of the purge process results in sample collection that is much faster, and generates zero wastewater. Sampling production is doubled saving labor time. Avoidance of waste handing and expensive disposal reduces cost substantially. Typical cost savings for environmental consultants and site owners is on the order of 50% over traditional groundwater sampling approaches. Department of Defense technical validation has shown the method works for all chemical species tested and cost savings over 50% has been demonstrated. Regulatory acceptance of the method has been accomplished in every jurisdiction attempted, currently in 18 states.