VaporPulse Technologies, Inc.




Christopher Oldham



Primary Industry: 

Materials & Chemical

Executive Summary: 

VaporPulse Technologies is a fast moving startup company developing nanoscale coating solutions for everyday products. VaporPulse, a spinout of NC State University is changing the way everyday products perform and function through a new process platform for applying highly conformal, functional coatings on any material or surface. The process enables conformal, uniform growth of nanoscale organic, inorganic, and hybrid materials. VaporPulse’s first product launch is the SunEvade finish. The SunEvade is the first product to add high UV protection to textile materials without compromising the durability or comfort. The market opportunity for the SunEvade finish is the $6 billion US outdoor furniture market. We have identified outdoor textiles as a market where we can get started and quickly gain traction in the market. Once established, secondary expansion markets for the SunEvade include the $6 billion performance apparel marketplace including clothing with improved UPF protection for active users. The performance apparel market is large and growing at almost 18% per year, as demonstrated with the popularity of specialty fabrics like Under Armour’s ColdGear and Nike’s Dri-FIT performance apparel. Additional multi-billion dollar opportunities for our process include filtration, flexible electronics, food packaging, and protective textiles.