Christopher Morton



Primary Industry: 

Materials & Chemical

Executive Summary: 

NanoPhotonica is jointly developing next generation displays with multibillion dollar display manufacturers using breakthrough nanomaterials and designs. The company has developed chemicals and associated designs that will transform the 1.5B unit annual shipment display market. The display industry faces major challenges. Large manufacturers make losses due to high display production costs. Current displays consume a significant amount of power. Emerging technologies have better picture quality, but are expensive. NanoPhotonica displays are >60% cheaper, use >50% less power and have significantly better picture quality than current technology. We are successfully executing our market penetration strategy by developing preproduction prototypes with major display manufacturers. NanoPhotonica supplies the chemicals and technology to enable the production of QD-LED displays. OEMs supply the driving circuitry and manufacturing capability. We have an experienced, well connected management team, award winning technical team and a focused, milestone driven business plan to drive projected profitability after 24 months and quickly scale to >$35M revenue. NanoPhotonica has a number of development agreements with major display manufacturers and engaged with those that produce the majority of worldwide displays. We have won first place and associated support in three awards for commercialization progress of most promising technology in the region.