VerLASE Technologies, new subsidiary Versatilis LLC


Vermont, US


Ajay Jain



Primary Industry: 

Energy Efficiency - Lighting

Executive Summary: 

VerLASE is being formed to focus on solid state lighting (SSL) with a first commercial product in 15 months: a novel, down converting optical resonator enabling today’s blue Laser Diodes (or LEDs) to emit high efficiency light directly in the green wavelengths at low cost, to be followed by a direct green emitting laser diode, a unique proposition not currently available in a market for green emitting laser diodes alone projected to be $500 Million by 2016. We will manufacture and sell directly green laser diodes for a broad and varied set of applications, with large nascent demand for picoprojectors, heads-up displays (HUD) and military. Such laser diodes are quick to market, but only a step toward low cost, white light emitting LEDs as areal tiles for thin, flexible SSL panels, the “OLED” vision but realized in a wholly inorganic way. OLEDs in lighting are paced by various performance, manufacturing and cost challenges but are projected by some to approach $4-5 Billion in 2016. We will manufacture (potentially in partnership with others) and sell a 4-6 in square, flexible white light emitting panels directly to OEM luminaire customers at a compelling performance vs. price point. Such tiles would be suitable for tiling into larger configurations by the OEM customer, offering them design freedom for novel luminaires.