Shape Memory Therapeutics


Texas, US


Saurabh Biswas


Chief Operating Officer

Primary Industry: 

Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care

Executive Summary: 

Shape Memory Therapeutics (SMT) is a medical device company founded to commercialize innovative medical devices based on Shape Memory Polymer (SMP) materials developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory & Texas A&M University. SMT is targeting the cerebral aneurysm market with potential platform followers in ischemic stroke, structural heart and other transcatheter embolization occlusion markets.The SMT solution consists of the proprietary SMP foam (9 issued and 10 pending patents) that is compressed and attached to a standard micro-catheter for delivery through the blood vessels. Upon heat activation, the SMP foam expands to fill the aneurysm, stopping when it reaches the vessel wall and exerting negligible pressure, thus considerably reducing the risk of rupture. Unlike coils that naturally leave space unfilled, the SMP foam is a porous, yet large-volume-filling and highly conforming material that provides a more complete fill of the aneurysm. The ability to achieve a denser fill reduces the chance for material compaction (the problem with coils), enables complete occlusion (fill) and ultimately reduces the risk of the aneurysm recurring. The foam can expand 80 times in volume from a compressed state while exerting an expansion force that is 1,000 times lower than that of coils.