Ballistic Breaker Corporation


Massachusetts, US


Roger Faulkner


President & Founder

Primary Industry: 

On board ships, and for more efficient factories, microgrids

Executive Summary: 

Switch-Gear for Medium Voltage DC (MVDC) grids Opportunity: DC power applications are growing, driven by energy efficiency, electronics, and renewables. Only DC power is produced by PV cells, used in electronics, and stored in batteries. Existing DC circuit breakers are inefficient, unreliable, expensive, and not available for voltage above 3.5kV. Ballistic Breakers™ allow efficient, low-cost and reliable interconnection of DC power sources and devices. MVDC power distribution can improve the efficiency of wind farms, factories, processing plants, ships, and isolated mines and military base sites. These applications need a bi-directional, ‘smart’ circuit breaker for the MW power range. The Ballistic Breaker™ is designed for these applications. These markets represent a multi-billion dollar opportunity for Ballistic Breakers. Value Proposition • 60% reduction of purchase and lifecycle cost compared to prior art DC circuit breakers • facilitates installation of cost-saving higher voltage DC grid systems: o Ships (cruise ships, tug boats, Navy) & drilling platforms o Factories & processing plants with efficient variable speed DC motors o Solar and wind energy farms o Electric rail (long-life, reliable design will allow displacement of arc chute breakers)