Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc.




Ellen Chen



Primary Industry: 

Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care

Executive Summary: 

ABS is a pioneer in the nano-biomimetic reagent-free platform technology that fundamentally transforms the medical device and energy industries by focusing on the cutting-edge innovation nano-biomimetic membrane technology in designing and producing of high performance products that are environmentally safe and user friendly. ABS’s story had been published in the Washington Post’s.ABS was the finalist in the America Security Challenge National Competition in 2010; ABS’s technology has been recognized by the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) Showcase.ABS intents to develop medical devices for monitoring blood glucose for diabetes with handheld and implantable glucose sensor and devices for early cancer screening with sensitivity of 1 single cancer cell can be distinguished from normal cell quantitatively. These devices are in the prototype stage. Our products will be target the Type 1 juvenile diabetes based on the meter’s unique accuracy of 5% error related to NIST standards and affordability to lift up financial burdens from the patients. ABS also developed prototype devices for monitoring brain injury or brain cancer diseases. We have six patents portfolio, and seeking partners, investors to speed up the product development. We secured 9 medical institutions for commitment of clinical trials and product purchases.