TenasiTech Pty Ltd


Queensland, AU


Richard Marshall


Chief Executive Officer

Primary Industry: 

Materials & Chemical

Executive Summary: 

(*) TenasiTech is a developer and manufacturer of composite plastics for industrial use. Current polyurethanes are at the limit of their performance, and competing options cannot achieve the desired performances without losing one or more of: flexibility, softness, clarity or longevity. Customers are demanding higher performance to grow market share for their plastic products. (*) TenasiTech is marketing Adaptive Polyols(TM) to deliver novel nanotechnology for use with polyurethanes. With this pioneering development TenasiTech has created a “drop-in” nanotech solution for customers who make plastic, without need for any CapEx or OpEx investment by them. (*) TenasiTech delivers: - super strength and tear - excellent thermo-stability & dimensional-stability gains - increased resistance to oils/ethanol - outstanding film barrier properties. (*) TenasiTech is currently developing products with “lighthouse” customers in a number of fields. TenasiTech is at industrial-scale production and now supplying to molders or extruders of polyurethane. (*) Australian University spin-out relocating to US in 2012.