Dragonfly Solutions, Inc.


Utah, US


L. Brent Ivie

Primary Industry: 

Renewable & Non-Traditional Energy

Executive Summary: 

Dragonfly Solutions has researched and developed unique revenue generation and energy saving technologies to help schools and universities reduce power bills and maintenance costs and create new revenue streams. Our patent-pending Dynamic Energy Efficiency System and green equity methodology automatically reduces electrical power bills by lowering energy consumption and demand charges. Dragonfly's award-winning products work better and cost less. Unique School Energy Efficiency Development (SEED) Program financing creates net revenue generation for schools. We’ve outsourced assembly and engineering to lower production costs and scale manufacturing capabilities. Our business model has high margins for iPower6, our national sales force and better-than-average commissions have created a very eager channel partner. Our value new sources of revenue for schools and universities and cost savings through reduced energy consumption and extended equipment lifecycles. Our exit strategy is market-driven M&A.