NNI Town Hall Meeting

E. Svedberg
National Nanotechnology Initiative, US

Keywords: NNI, Triennial review


The US National Nanotechnolgy Initiative (NNI) serves as the central point of communication, cooperation, and collaboration for all US Federal agencies engaged in nanotechnology research, bringing together the expertise needed to advance this broad and complex field. The Initiative has had strong, bipartisan support from the Executive and Legislative branches of Government since its creation in 2000. The NNI Town Hall Meeting at Nanotech2012 is an opportunity for the Nanotechnology community to provide feedback to the National Academy committee working on the triennial review of the NNI: A) Examine the role of the NNI in maximizing opportunities to transfer selected technologies to the private sector, provide an assessment of how well the NNI is carrying out this role, and suggest new mechanisms to foster transfer of technologies and improvements to NNI operations in this area where warranted; B) Assess the suitability of current procedures and criteria for determining progress towards NNI goals, suggest definitions of success and associated metrics, and provide advice on those organizations (government or non-government) that could perform evaluations of progress; C) Review NNI’s management and coordination of nanotechnology research across both civilian and military federal agencies.