An Ultra-compact X-ray Source for Medical Applications

C. Camara, M. Valentine, G. Jimenez, D. Kamkar, D. Cuadra, K. Beverly, B. Lucas, A. Belz
Tribogenics, Inc, US

Keywords: portable, hand held, X-ray, source, radiology, imaging, diagnostics


We have developed an initial prototype of an ultra-portable, battery-operated, mechanically driven X-ray source for imaging, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications. This technology exploits tribocharging to generate X-rays from a static discharge in a moderate vacuum and thus, unlike conventional sources, it does not require a high-voltage power supply. The source uses a mechanical actuator to generate X-ray pulses of ns width at 200 Hz in a form factor smaller than a cigarette pack, with further miniaturization to follow. In the short term, our source offers significant potential to pediatric care, mammography, and military field medicine; in the longer-term, our source may be used as an alternative source for brachytherapy as well as for imaging.