Numerical Study for Pressing Process in Inverse NIL Fabrication

S-J Lin, A.L. Le, Y-W Chen
National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, TW

Keywords: NIL, fabrication, FEM, modeling simulation


The present study emphasizes on determining a NIL scheme that is able to reduce the imprint pressure needed in pressing step. For the conventional NIL, the resist PMMA placed on the substrate of the platform, where is underneath of the mold, yields the gravitational effect against the deformation process during the pressing step and hence results in the increase in the imprint pressure needed. Therefore, this work attempts to inverse the conventional NIL design, which places the PMMA on the top of the mold to remove the gravitational force against PMMA deformation process in the cavity. In addition, based on the inverse NIL design, the gravitational effect becomes advantageous for the resist filling up the cavity and gives the reduction of imprint load needed for NIL fabrication, which is demonstrated by the present analytical results.