Flexible Printed Supercapacitors Based on Nanostructured Materials

S. Maleksaeedi, B.Y. Tay, P.S. Lee, J. Ma, F.K. Lai, C.W. Lu
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, SG

Keywords: electrochemical energy storage, supercapacitors, nanostructured materials, flexible batteries, Roll to roll processing


With the advent of printed electronics and flexible devices, flexible energy storage has received so much attention in the past few years. In this work, a scalable process for manufacturing of a flexible supercapacitor device based on nanostructured PANI and MnO2 was demonstrated. In this process, nanostructured materials are synthesized and transformed into form of a printable ink which is applied on a current collector using a simple screen printing method, which can be used in a roll to roll scheme. The flexible device was assembled using a solid polymer electrolyte and the electrochemical performance of the devices was evaluated. A specific capacitance of 120 F/g and 89 F/g for two symmetrical devices based on PANI and MnO2 were obtained respectively. The devices are showing relatively good cyclability and columbic efficiency.