Application of Smart Nanomaterials to Scavenge and Detect Arsenic and Other Unwanted Metals in Potable Water

A. John, E.F. Duran, L. Gonzales, L.S. Santos
Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation, CL

Keywords: PAMAM, polyaniline, nanomaterial, heavy metal scavenger


we demonstrate the preparation of novel smart nanomaterial based on PAMAM and polyaniline and those materials will be evaluated to scavenge and quantitatively detect the amount of arsenic and other metallic pollutants in water with different nanomaterials.And the results will be compared with the performance of the commerically available material such as polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP); hyperbranched 2,2’-bishydroxyl-methyl propionic acid polyester-hydroxyl group (PFH-OH); zeolites; and activated carbon.