Simulation of a High Compliant Micro Electromagnetic Generator for Energy Harvesting

G-Y Wu, S-J Chen
National Central University, TW

Keywords: MEMS, micro electromagnetic generator, energy harvest


A micro electromagnetic generator for vibration energy harvesting is modeled and simulated. This prototyping electromagnetic generator converts change of magnetic flux to induced electromotive force (EMF) from environmental vibration energy. The mechanical FEA was conducted using CONVENTOR. This micro electromagnetic generator is composed of a fixed magnet, a copper coil, and a diaphragm where the coil locates. High compliant diaphragm, including both cantilever and spiral, for better energy conversion efficiency are discussed in this work. The generators are designed to have large displacements at low fundamental resonant frequency. In addition, analysis of proof mass, including its shape and location, is investigated for higher sensitivity. Simulation results show that the spiral coil have higher compliance. Besides, the addition of the proof mass increases the displacement and lowers the resonant frequency, which makes this energy harvester a practical solution in conserving energy from all kinds of vibration sources.