The Study on Nanocellulose and Their Biocomposites

D.Y. Lim, S.Y. Yoon, M.J. Yoon, K.Y. Kim
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, KR

Keywords: microfibrllated cellulose, polyamide fibers, homogenizer, composites, wet-laid sheet forming prcesses


Nanocelluloses with the average diameter below 100nm were successfully obtained by high shear fluid processor, microfluidizer. Their large surface area and the nano-scale dimensions can lead to the emerging materials for reinforcements in polymer composites, differentiating from common polymer composites and providing the opportunity for nano-engineered materials that could have not achieved from conventional materials. Cellulose nanofiber composites with synthetic fibers such as polylactic acid(PLA) were fabricated by wet-laid composite process, and then molded by high pressure press to get specimens. Wet-laid composite process was a good way to make a sheet of synthetic fibers with nanocellulose. Finally, their good mechanical performance showed the potential to replace glass fiber composite in the emerging advanced composite market.