Measuring System Mass and Density of MEMS by Electronic Probing

A. Chigullapalli
Purdue University, US

Keywords: MEMS, SE


In this paper we propose a method to measure the system mass and material density of a common type of micro electromechanical systems (MEMS). Measurement can be done on- or off-chip.To examine the feasibility of our method, we use a verification method that we call Simulated Experiment (SE). SE is necessary because real measurements usually have uncertainties larger than the precision required for validating our method. However, in SE, we are able to compute the system mass and density of our simulation based on commonly-used experimental measurands such as capacitance, and compare the results against the known values prescribed within the simulation. The problem with SE is with our assumptions in creating realistic MEMS and conditions. E.g. coarse surfaces, inhomogeneous dopants and Young’s moduli, rounded corners and fillets, etc. We examine several presumed nonidealities in the full paper that provide confidence in SE.