Uncoil long DNA molecules in nanoposts array

J. Wu, G. Shao, J. Choi, F.I. Uba, S.A. Soper, S. Park
Louisiana State Univ., US

Keywords: nanoposts, nanopillar array, uncoil DNA, stretch DNA


A nanoposts array was fabricated on a PMMA based nanofluidic chip by nanoimprinting lithography. The electrophoresis of Lambda and T4 DNA in the nanoposts was studied. A periodical stretching and recoiling motion was observed. Each period can be divide into unravel, unhook and recoil phase. Physical models for each phase were set up and compared with experimental results. DNA molecules were stretched up to 97% of its contour length in the nanoposts array and an observation duration of more than 1.5 sec was achieved by the nanoposts array.