Controlled Synthesis of Fluorapatite Nanorods for Directed Self Assembly By Electrophoretic Deposition

T.Y. Olson, C.A. Orme, T.Y. Han, A.J. Pascall, M.A. Worsley, J.H. Satcher, J.D. Kuntz
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US

Keywords: electrophoretic deposition, fluorapatite, nanorods, directed assembly


The optical properties of fluorapatite (FAP) make them promising candidates for laser applications. Recent advancement in laser ceramic manufacturing has shown FAP nanoparticles slip cast and manipulated in a magnetic field to create optically transparent, laser grade ceramics due to alignment of their crystal orientation. Electrophoretic depsition (EPD) offers a much more simple and less expensive alternative. We report the controlled synthesis and characterization of single crystal FAP nanorods for alignment and deposition by EPD. A surfactant was utilized to stabilize the FAP nanorods, which resulted in a high zetapotential for increased mobility during EPD. Layers of aligned FAP were then created by an AC and DC field in an EPD cell, which will eventually be sintered to transparency. Controlled synthesis of FAP have a number of other implications in a wide range of fields and the EPD technique for manufacturing device assembly will be discussed in greater detail.