Fully–Integrated Single-Layer On-Chip Flow Cytometer Based on Planar Three-Dimensional (3D) Hydrodynamic Focusing

A.A. Nawaz, X. Mao, T.J. Huang
Pennsylvania State University, US

Keywords: flow cytometry, CD4, 3D hydrodynamic focusing, microfluidic drifting


We have demonstrated a fully integrated single layer planar flow cytometry chip device. The device includes the fluidic components – a three dimensional (3D) hydrodynamic focusing geometry based on the “microfluidic drifting” technique developed by our group, and a series of integrated optical fibers to allow the introduction of laser light and on-chip detection of various optical signals such as forward scattering (FSC), side scattering (SSC), and fluorescence. The “microfluidic drifting” technique and the integrated optical fibers allow the entire device to be realized in a single device plan, which dramatically reduced the device fabrication complexity and cost. The device was tested with a series of flow cytometry standard beads with difference size and fluorescent dye concentration. The schematic design of the flow cytometry chip is shown in Fig. 1. The device includes two major components: the fluidic channel and integrated fibers. The fluidic component is based on the “microfluidic drifting” technqiue we previously introduced which enabled a three dimensional hydrodynamic focusing of cellls in a single device layer