Enhanced Efficiency Turbine

R. Hotto
EnergYield LLC, US

Keywords: hybrid fuel cell turbine


The Enhanced Efficiency Turbine is a new hybrid fuel cell turbine with the objectives of increased energy generating and propulsion efficiency derived from existing hydrocarbon fuels. This system is applicable to small, medium, and large electrical generation and propulsion systems. The Enhanced Efficiency Turbine improves on the prior hybrid fuel cell turbine approaches because it solves the durability and operational problems that are impeding the commercialization of these previous hybrid fuel cell turbines. The Enhanced Efficiency Turbine is also more flexible; it can employ a variety of fuel cell types such as fuel cells operating at lower temperatures thereby enabling portable, mobile and quick start operations. In contrast the previous hybrid turbines operated solely with high temperature fuel cells such as solid oxide fuel cell. This new approach differs from the prior approaches in that it first separates the hydrogen and the carbon fuel streams coming from the reformer. The hydrogen is sent to the fuel cell while the carbon monoxide and the other reformer gasses are sent into the turbine for combustion along with the exhaust steam from the fuel cell.