Microtech 2011

Douglas Keszler

Douglas Keszler

Distinguished Professor
Director, Center for Green Materials Chemistry
Oregon State University

Our research is directed to the synthesis and study of a variety of new optical, electro-optical, and electronic inorganic materials. Efforts are underway on the crystal growth and examination of nonlinear optical crystals for efficient generation of high-power vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) laser light. We are also involved in the generation of new VUV-excited phosphors for laser detection, imaging, and display applications. A multidisciplinary effort involving chemistry, materials science, physics, and electrical engineering is focused on the generation of new wide band-gap semiconductors for enabling the new fields of transparent electronics and displays. We have also recently developed techniques that provide a means for low-temperature deposition and patterning of oxide films, enabling the field of printed electronics and digital fabrication. Collaborative studies are also underway to elucidate the mechanisms and unique synthetic capabilities of these new processes and their applications to device fabrication.

Co-chairing the symposium on Green Chemistry & Materials.

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