Microtech 2011

Caterina  Lo Presti

Caterina Lo Presti

Leader, NBE Delivery Formulation Development group

Merck Serono


Caterina Lo Presti received a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering in 2004 and a PhD in New Materials Technology in 2007 both from the University of Palermo (Italy). I joined Dr. Battaglia's group as visting student in February 2007 and then started a Post Doc in the same group in August 2007. My Post Doc project has been focused on the production and physico-chemical charcterization of self-assembled "patchy" polymersomes. I explored the use of several techniques for the characterization of both nano and micrometre sized phase-separated polymersomes, such as CLSM, TEM, Cryo-TEM, AFM, FSM, UV-Vis and fluorescence spectroscopy, SAXS. I supervised 4 undergrads and 8 PhD students and published 5 papers within the group. Other 2 papers are currently under review. Immediately after finishing my Post Doc with Dr Battaglia, I joined Merck Serono in April 2010 as Laboratory Manager at the Tiburtina site (Rome, Italy) where I currently lead the NBE Delivery Formulation Development group. My job is mainly focused on finding new solutions for the controlled delivery of Merck Serono's proprietary therapeutic proteins

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