Microtech2010 2010
Doug Sparks

Doug Sparks

Executive Vice President

Integrated Sensing Systems (ISSYS)

Doug Sparks is the Executive Vice President at Integrated Sensing Systems (ISSYS) and directs its microfluidic product line which includes such density meters and Coriolis mass flow sensors. He is also cofounder and President of NanoGetter which specializes in getter deposition and services for MEMS vacuum packaging. Prior to joining ISSYS he worked at Delphi’s Delco Electronics Division for 17 years in the area of automotive MEMS and integrated circuits. Doug has also worked at Cincinnati Milacron’s Semiconductor Materials Division and the Turner Electroceramics Laboratory. He has published over 100 technical papers, has more than 30 patents and holds a Ph.D. from Purdue University in Material Science & Engineering.

Speaking in the special symposium on MEMS-Based Systems Solutions and Integration Approaches.

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