Microtech2010 2010

Non-Charge-Sheet Analytic Model for Ideal Retrograde Doping MOSFETs

Z. Zhou, J. Zhang, X. Zhou, X. Lin, J. He
Peking University, CN

Keywords: retrograde, non-charge-sheet, analytic


This paper presents a physics-based non-charge-sheet analytic model for an ideal retrograde doping MOSFET structure. The model adopts an approach of solving Poisson’s equation for the heavily-doped region and lightly-doped region, respectively, and the analytic expression of potential distribution and the drain current of the retrograde doping MOSFET are ultimately obtained. The analytical model is also compared with numerical simulation results, which demonstrates that the analytic current model is applicable to both the weak and strong inversion operations and to different geometry structures. Therefore, this proposed model provides a foundation to develop a complete non-charge-sheet retrograde doping model involved with advanced physical effects, such as short-channel effect, quantum mechanic effect, et al.
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