Microtech2010 2010

Innovative Strobe-Based Drop Analysis Equipment for Non-Contact Dispensing Systems

Y. Kipman
ImageXpert Inc., US

Keywords: dispensing, analysis, drops-in-flight, volume, velocity, strobe


A fully integrated machine-vision based system has been developed for visualization and measurement of drops-in-flight from non-contact dispensing tips. Unlike previously offered systems in the marketplace, this system can be used with any frequency-based jetting or dispensing system. The strobe is synchronized to the firing or ejection signal, so it is independent of the specific print head or dispensing tip or system being used. Combining single event strobe capabilities with very short strobe pulse widths allows for excellent image capture. An open architecture software package allows for image collection and archiving as well as powerful and flexible image analysis, including drop trajectory, velocity, radius and volume. Volume of individual droplets, ligaments, and drop streams can also be reported. The JetXpert system for analysis of drops-in-flight can provide insight into possible relationships and interactions that can help drive system and consumable optimization for dispensing system developers and manufacturers as well as end users. This paper will give an overview of the details of this system as well as show some of the system capabilities through several examples of drop analysis.
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