Utility Technology Challenge & Awards

Matching technology solutions to utility and industry partners

Submission: Closed

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Finalists Announced!

The top 15 companies from the semifinalist round will advance to the finalist round where they will present their technologies to the Utility Technology Challenge committee and vie for a portion of up to $100,000 in demonstration funds.

Semifinalists Announced!

Out of over 150 applicants, our partner committee of utility integrators identified the following companies in the top 25 semifinalist round:

  • 3H Company
  • 7AC Technologies
  • APRS
  • DERP Technologies
  • Digital Lumens
  • Dynamo Micropower
  • EnerVault
  • Enlighted
  • FirstFuel
  • Ideal Power Converters
  • Luon Energy
  • MicroPlanet
  • Nextek Power Systems
  • PaceControls
  • Power Tagging
  • Primus Power
  • PureSense
  • Pythagoras Solar
  • Retroficiency
  • Simple Energy
  • SolaBlock
  • SustainX
  • Varentec
  • WegoWise
  • Xergy

Over the next two weeks, the committee will narrow the semifinalist list of 25 down to 15 finalists who will be offered the chance to speak at TechConnect World in Santa Clara, California in June. Up to $100,000 in pilot and demonstration testing funds will be awarded to Utility Technology Challenge applicants.

Now in its third year, CTSI will host the Challenge in partnership with Fraunhofer TechBridge with Department of Energy and Kauffman Foundation support. The three organizations will award up to $100,000 in pilot-test funds by the Challenge committee for the top ranked companies.

Awards Announcement: Up to $100,000 in prize funds!

An award of up to $100,000 in pilot-test funds will be divided among up to three companies, and one company will win a presentation award by the Challenge committee.

CTSI sought companies and technologies from around the globe focused on cleaner and more environmentally sustainable energy solutions. The technologies with the best balance of stage of development, potential impact, cost and ease of implementation will be selected to present at Clean Technology 2012, CTSI’s annual event held in Santa Clara in June of 2012.

All submitted and qualified technologies will be invited to showcase during the TechConnect Innovation Showcase held during the conference in Santa Clara.

Important Program Dates:

  • December 1, 2011 – Technology Submissions Open
  • January 31, 2012 – Technology Submissions Close
  • March 26, 2012 – Notification of Finalists
  • June 18-21, 2012 – Clean Technology 2012 Conference and Expo, UTC, Presentations and
    Networking Reception
  • June 31-September, 2012 – Pilot/Follow-Up

Entry Qualifications:

All technologies that help solve utility challenges and can be adopted or supported by utilities will be considered.

Primary target categories include:
  • Distribution & Transmission
  • Smart Grid & Distributed Power Integration
  • Natural Gas (Production, Application & Environmental)
  • Industrial/Commercial Energy/Power Efficiency
  • Alternative Power & Hybrid Generation
  • Energy Storage
  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
  • Carbon Reduction

Submission Requirements:

  • There are no fees to enter or to participate in the Utility Technology Challenge. Travel costs to and from the TechConnect World Clean Technology Conference where semifinalists will present their solutions must be covered by the presenting companies.
  • Companies are encouraged to submit one focused application, however, companies are allowed up to three different technology solutions.
  • If selected, each company must attend the TechConnect World Clean Technology Conference in Santa Clara in June 2012 (http://www.techconnectworld.com) and be prepared to make a short presentation to the utility partner committee. CTSI includes a free conference pass for the duration of the event.

Over 800 innovations have participated in the CTSI Challenge & Partner Programs over the last three years. 2010 and 2011 finalists included:

2010 UTC Finalists

2011 UTC Finalists


Organizing Partners

Arsenal Venture Partners

Challenge Partners:

Austin Energy
Constellation Energy
National Grid
Northeast Utilities
Southern California Edison

Supporting Organizations
ATI's Austin Technology Incubator
Chicago Clean Energy Alliance
MA Clean Energy Center
NOAA NE Clean Energy Foundation