Save Hawai‘i...Save the Planet

J. Barlow
Power Alternative, US

Keywords: energy, sustainability


Petrochemicals are quintessential ingredient in most all products, technologies, and conveniences of modern lifestyle, so it is imperative that we eliminate abusing it to fuel modes of progress, and transports. Power Alternative is scientific R&D business service whose proprietary innovations of clean, green systems, and mechanisms referred inclusively as EcoSystems or EcoTech (Eco-Technology) are applicable for power, propulsion, and waste management in any region on Earth, and can be modified for Space. Projects intend to implement Ambient Thermal Energy Conversion (ATEC) and variety of hybrids that tap true energy; does not consume fuel, and has little, to no carbon emissions/footprint. Intent is to launch an Eco-Industrial Revolution in Hawai’i to bring appropriate technologies to market that will lay keystones for more stable economic foundation beneficial to show global society how growth and development can have less impact on land, air and sea. Optimistic endeavors strive to systematically activate EcoTech/EcoSystems that will set precedence to penetrate barriers of oil-driven corporate markets that have held back advancement green energy. We must change mode of progress that is fuel free; to set provisions environmental standards for conservation-based circular economy, today…so our children’s children can sustain and afford quality life tomorrow.