Kelvin Storage Technologies, Inc.




Stephen Sutherland



Primary Industry: 

Energy Storage

Executive Summary: 

Kelvin Storage Technologies, Inc., was formed to design and globally commercialize Thermal Matrix Energy Storage (TMES) systems. TMES systems are inexpensive, environmentally friendly solutions initially targeted at the commercial peak leveling and bulk grid electrical storage markets. With Kelvin’s proprietary gas and heater/control system design developed over the past 3 years, electricity is efficiently transferred as heat to a special graphite core (2,000+°K) providing an extremely dense, long life, storage media. These graphite cores can provide heat to replace combustion in former coal-fired power plants, enabling the recycling of these plants and much of their equipment to convert heat back to electricity. Alternatively, it is anticipated that the next generation of clean heat engines (turbines, stirling engines), leveraging extreme carnot efficiencies provided by TMES, will produce electricity on demand in a number of different scales. Materials are not scarce, netting cost benefits. Kelvin Storage is currently prototyping TMES designs at its San Diego facility and seeking partners for pilot installations before licensing TMES technology. It is anticipated that progressively larger prototypes will be built leading to pilots beginning at 1 MW-h in late 2013 and growing to GW-h installations the following year.