ASTC: Cellulosic sugar




Ali Manesh



Primary Industry: 

Renewable & Non-Traditional Energy

Executive Summary: 

In the last few years, sugar is emerged as the main feedstock to derive several potential biofuels and chemicals. Virent has developed a process to convert sugars to gasoline substitutes using solid catalysts. Gevo and Cobalt produce isobutanol and butanol respectively. These alcohols can be used to replace petrochemical fuels. The cost availability of these fuels are vastly depends on the source of sugar. Currently most of the processes are based on sugar from corn, sugar cane and sheet beets, etc. use of such food-derived raw materials is not sustainable. Lignocelluloisc sugar is sustainable however is not economical compared to other food-based feedstocks. AST is developing technologies to produce low-cost sugar from lignocellulosic biomass feedstocks which are not part of nation’s food supply and are readily available. AST has designed and developed pilot production plants and technologies to generate proper knowhow for sugar production from cellulosic feed stocks that can be sold to or use in a partnership with other biochemical industries.