High Temperature Melt Integrity Battery Separator Development

K. Stokes
Celgard LLC, US

Keywords: Battery, High Temperature


Battery technology is rapidly spreading deeper into each of our lives. As a leading supplier to the battery industry, CelgardĀ® microporous lithium ion battery separators are in the middle of this energy evolution. What began as a consumer electronics necessity has rapidly transformed to include applications in transportation and advanced electrical grid management. Along with discussions of elevated energy and power density come high temperature performance concerns. High temperature melt integrity (HTMI) for battery separators is a recent performance concept that, in the past, was nebulously defined. Celgard has developed ex situ test conditions that help define and verify HTMI film performance and correlate the results to in situ battery performance. This talk will discuss the role of battery separator technology in current lithium ion battery systems and the development of a ceramic coated separator and the associated film tests that help to define HTMI behavior.