Transparent Conducting DMD Multilayer Electrode for High Efficiency OPV

J. Ham, S. Kim, G.H. Jung, W. Dong, B. Koo, J-L Lee

Keywords: transparent electrode, OPV, ITO, flexibility


We have demonstrated highly transparent and flexible DMD structured Ta2O5/Ag/WO3 as a PEDOT:PSS-free anode. The optical transmittance of Ag film could be enhanced using a high refractive-index dielectric material as a refractive index-matching layer. When the Ag layer sandwiched between high refractive index Ta2O5 and WO3 layers, the Ta2O5/Ag/WoO3 could fulfill the optimum zero-reflection condition, resulting in high optical transmittance and low sheet resistance. Thus, device performance shows the VOC=0.653 V, JSC=8.4mA/cm2, FF=55.5 %, and PCE=3.0 %. Thus, we can expect this thermally evaporable Ta2O5/Ag/WO3 multilayer cathode with high transmittance and low sheet resistance can be applicable to general transparent anode for flexible PEDOT:PSS-free organic optoelectronic devices.