Driving Efficiency and Savings with a Next Generation Energy Management Solution

M. Zimmerman, J. Nardone
BuildingIQ, US

Keywords: energy management, commercial building, energy, software, buildingIQ, Schneider electric, DRIQ, demand response, smart grid


Commercial buildings consume 20 percent of U.S. energy, and building owners are looking to save energy and reduce their utility expenses with less capital and resources. Many existing energy management systems are not capable of incorporating predictive modelling-based optimization strategies that address real-time and forecasted weather data, real-time and future energy supply pricing/constraints, and the occupant comfort the current environment demands. BuildingIQ and Schneider Electric are joining forces to provide commercial building owners with a next generation solution for energy management. This partnership provides customers with a cloud-based energy management system that automatically and continually reduces HVAC energy use and connects commercial buildings to the Smart Grid. The BUILDINGIQ system’s Predictive Energy Optimization technology is an “autopilot” for existing energy management systems, dramatically increasing their intelligence and value. It enables commercial building owners to reduce building energy consumption and costs with minimal capital expense and no resource-intensive building upgrades.